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Facebook iPad app will launch today

Facebook will launch its long awaited iPad application, first reported by TechCrunch, later today.The application, which has been mostly completed since May, is making its way through Apple’s servers and should be available soon. You can get the application here.

Facebook to launch iPad app at iPhone 5 event

Mashable is reporting that Facebook will launch its delayed iPad app at Apple's iPhone 5 event. The app, which leaked in July, has been expected for some time. A preview of the application can be found here. Apple will hold its iPhone event on October 4th.

Zynga launches CityVille on Google+

Today, popular Facebook game-maker Zynga announced the release of CityVille on Google+. The move was expected, as Google invested over $100 million in Zynga last year. Zynga counts over 142 million users on Facebook, 72 million of whom use CityVille. A blog post from Zynga after the break.

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F8: Open Graph — Social Apps. Music. Movies. News

Facebook’s new social apps will allow users to listen to a song that a friend it listening to, wactch a movie on Netflix (Not available in U.S.; Canada and Latin America ‘before the end of September’)that a family member is watching, and read an article that a co worker is reading. Full details at Facebook.

F8: Timeline — A new kind of profile (update: beta available now)

Facebook has announced Timeline, a new way to view your profile. Full details at Facebook. (Update: beta available now, with full roll out in a few weeks.)


Facebook F8 live stream

Welcome our new Facebook Page!

We here at Powered By Tech would like to invite our readers to check out our new Facebook page. After months of careful deliberation, we have decided to take the monumental step in opening a Facebook account. Ok, so we just hadn’t gotten around to it yet, but it’s here now and waiting for you to hit the ‘like’ button (which can also be seen on our sidebar plugin).Please. Thanks!

Report: Facebook delays IPO until late 2012

Facebook has delayed its IPO until late 2012, according to a report from The Financial Times. The initial public offering — expected to be somewhere between $70 and $100 Billion — was expected to be completes by April 2012, but has now been pushed back to ‘September or later,’ according to the report. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is said to be behind the delay, wanting to keep employees focused on product developments, instead of a payout.

As a private company, Facebook does not disclose its earnings, but revenues for the social network have been estimated between $2 and $4 Billion a year.

Twitter to join RIM and Facebook for talks with UK officials

Twitter will join RIM and Facebook at a meeting with UK Home Secretary Theresa May (pictured above) and other UK officials, on the use of social media during the riots earlier this month. Twitter did not confirm their attendance last week, when Facebook and RIM agreed to join. Social media tools like Facebook and Twitter, along with Blackberry Messenger were used to coordinate attacks, according to UK police and officials.

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